(All music Copyright (c) (p) 2012 by Richard Chon, All Rights Reserved.)

ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK MUSIC: Here, for your edification and enjoyment, a medley of cues I’ve written for various film projects so far. Scroll down below for individual numbers.


MUSIC BY MOOD, A SOUNDTRACK SAMPLER: Individual cues, arranged according to mood, feeling, affect.

DOROTHEA’S DREAM: Childhood innocence, recollected

THE PHILOSOPHER: Serenity, wisdom, compassion. Leitmotif for the Hero

ON MY WAY: The Hero launched into the world. Affirmative, striving, aspirational

DANIEL’S THEME: Poignant, wistful, epic

THE LONER: He found peace in the wilderness

SUMMER LAWN: Langorous, reverent, affectionate. The Hero at rest

FUNEREAL: The Death of the Hero, an Adagio for Strings

THE WARLORD: Parade music for a tinpot despot

THE LYNCHING PARTY: Torn from loving arms, strung up like a dog. Music from an imaginary Western

INNER SPACE: Weightless, timeless, oceanic

WAR: Jack boots on the street, a rifle butt in the face

ESCAPE FROM WAR: Flying over the mountains. Martial, triumphal

I MISS HER SO: Bereavement, loss, acceptance

MANZANAR: Sorrow, outrage, an American tragedy

PROGRESS: Process, industry, teamwork

THE HORROR: Awaking from a nightmare, only to find it’s real

DISTURBED DAYDREAM: A reverie interrupted by outside forces

O, MY SEOUL: A new ancient folk song

THE CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL: Stately, eternal, the angels deliberate

BAROQUE RUMINATION: The philosopher deep in thought

THE ARCHDUKE WILL SEE YOU NOW: Stately powdered wig music


A SMALL ETERNITY: A glimpse at the astral plane, forever spinning

HOBOKEN RAG: Homage to Scott Joplin, a la mode



NANCY LEE: The Vaquero Song

In addition to everything else, I play fiddle and violin on other people’s records, a cottage industry made possible by the miracle of desktop recording (and, more recently, Dropbox). I’ve just completed an album project for my friend Nancy Lee, a fabulously talented singer-songwriter from SoCal, and here is her rendition of “The Vaquero Song” by Dave Stamey – probably his greatest and most enduring composition. (Incidentally, I played also on Dave’s original version, so I had to come up with something different for Nancy – it turned out to be a flamenco-style mandolin solo; I trust there was at least one mandolin somewhere in old Alta California.)

BUBBLES: An Original Hip-Hop Groove

Living just above Foothill Boulevard in Oakland, I cannot help but be affected by the lives that surround me. So the other day, having a few spare hours available to me, I thought I’d try my hand at an urban groove, using the most basic virtual instruments on hand in ProTools. This barest suggestion of a tune is built on just two chords – but, depending on where the bass line goes, they either sound full of hope or full of pathos. The drum patch reminds me a bit of a New Orleans second line. I named this loop after my favorite character in “The Wire.”

MISS V, the GYPSY COWBELLE: Land of Fortune

An American original, Miss V is an itinerant musician, horse wrangler, trail packer, banjo maker, and writer of songs of the American West. I was very fortunate to help produce some tracks on her latest CD, “The Itinerant Lady,” including the album’s last song, in which the narrator returns to the maternal ground that sprang her. Bobby Black on steel guitar paints a vivid picture of eternity.


Here is V doing a hardcore honky tonk shuffle, with Bobby Black on Steel, Bing Nathan on drums and bass, and myself on fiddle and keys.



















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  • Richard-

    Your work gets better and better! Can’t wait till your next project!


  • Good stuff. I’m hearing some of your influences but also a lot of stuff that’s just you.

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